From the time that the need is recognized until the final day of the commercial building restoration project a multitude of tasks need to be accomplished. All fall within the following categories:

Step 1 – Building Survey, Analysis and Assessment

Entropy, every physical system’s decline into disorder, is a fact that building owners constantly address. Building inspection is a step in controlling the inexorable effects of nature.

Step 2 – Statement of Work and Specifications

A good Statement of Work identifies and describes in a clear, unambiguous manner all that has to be done to complete the project.

Step 3 – The Bid Process

Choosing the right contractor and minimizing the costs.

Step 4 – Project Management & Execution

One way to ensure at least limited failure if not disaster is to not manage the project.

The work done by JVS Building Services and the process the building owner or his representative engages in when the building envelope is restored are the subjects of this site.



It is also a knowledge base, a sort of commercial building restorations Wiki. The “TOPICS” section covers trade services, materials and finishes, insurance and risk management, safety, tools and equipment, project management, historic buildings, color, graffiti and scores of other subjects. The information was originally created or gathered to support a restorations contractor’s operations. It was a useful resource to the firm and has continued to be valuable asset to JVS Building Services, LLC. The information here is for all those involved in the prosaic yet vitally important task of maintaining the value of commercial buildings.

  • Survey and Inspection

    Preserve the Buildings Value

  • Statement of Work & Specifications
  • 3D Models for Cost Estimates
  • Oversight
  • Trade Services Information
  • Trade Services Information